If you represent a research service with information about data-literature links, you have two options to get involved:

Option 1: Feed your data-literature link information to an existing Scholix hub using your existing community standards
This might include feeding data-literature links through to, for example, DataCite or CrossRef using their existing metadata schemes for describing links between data and literature.  These hubs will exchange with each other and with aggregator services to include your links in the global comprehensive pool of information about data-literature links.  Early adopter implementation projects are planned within communities such as DataCite and CrossRef.

Option 2:  Become a hub and share your data-literature link information using the Scholix standards
If you don’t have an existing Scholix hub to feed into, then your service can become a Scholix hub.  This entails exposing your data-literature links using the Scholix Guidelines and getting your service registered with the other Scholix hubs and aggregator service on the Scholix implementers web page.

You can also help to expand and document the Scholix Guidelines

Contact us either by email at info@scholix.org or join the  the RDA-WDS Working Group on Data Publishing Services.